The architecture of the constructivism period in 1920-1930s

Baku was one of the world centers of avant-garde constructivism architecture. The most dramatic, brutal and severe style of architecture of the XX century has gained cheerful softness in Baku. In this southern city, the constructivism of the 1920s and 1930s gained back the chic that distinguished the design graphics of the masters of this style and that had hard time getting embodied in the cold capitals of republics of the former USSR. Everything was possible in Baku: open terraces, full glazing, and roof gardens. Since metal and cement were in short supply, the Baku constructivism was built of local stone and then was plastered «as concrete» – but even this added it a special charm. This period of the architecture of the city was threatened with complete disappearance, but, fortunately, several architectural monuments of the Baku constructivism, the true hallmarks of the city, have been restored in recent years.