«Contemporary Architects of Southern Caucasus»

Construction boom in Azerbaijan and Georgia, determined by the agile development of the two South-Caucasian countries, has provided numerous opportunities for local architects to express themselves creatively, which has generated a mass of interesting concepts and designs, even though not implemented yet.

Architects from the South Caucasus have recently reached great international success proved by plenty of prestigious awards. Designs and buildings by local architects are found in many developed countries.

It’s been a long way of many steps that Azerbaijan and Georgian architects have had to release this joint book. Its grounds laid by the senior generation of architects during the early Azerbaijan and Georgian independence times one hundred years ago, our friendship, continued under compulsory Soviet membership, years of collaboration, joint participation in different contests and other events, shared interests, and even common destinies of the two nations have invisibly brought and inspired us to this very first and unique release.

Thus, its goal is to introduce you to designs by the leading architects of the South-Caucasian countries.